Poche Family Farm is small vegetable farm located in Independence, Louisiana. Our farm is run by Albert and Charise Poche along with their children Billie and Camille. This is a family venture that resulted from our desire to eat well. Our farm, while not certified organic, is focused on sustainable agriculture using cover crops, organic pesticides and natural fertilizers wherever possible.

Poche Family Farm is committed to only selling what we grow. Here at Poche Family Farm we believe the customer has the right to know where and how their produce is grown. We believe you cannot ensure quality and control unless you know exactly how the produce was raised from seed.  We are also able to offer an extended season for our produce through the use of high tunnels.  These unheated hoop house structures protect our crops from the elements including wind, rain and freezing temperatures enabling us to grow later in the winter season and plant earlier in the spring.